When's the last time you really challenged yourself? Pushed yourself on the bike? Saw new roads and conquered them? November 3rd, come with us as Rob “The Rocket” Evans leads us on a weekend expedition up (and down, but mostly up) some of his favorite paved, dirt and gravel roads and trails (and maybe a fern gully or two!)

Here's the Plan:

We'll head out Friday night November 3rd, to a secret mountain view campsite in the North Georgia Mountains. All your gear will be set up and waiting for you, so you can have a few (or more!) cold ones by the fire and get a full night's rest for the day ahead. After a full, hot breakfast and BRASH coffee outside in the shadow of the mountains, this meeting of the North Georgia Exploratory Committee will commence.


By the time we stop to take you to lunch, roll up to a swinging bridge, and ride a full day with a guy fast enough to be known as “The Rocket”, we’ll be ready for KILLER local beers selected by @drewsbrewsreviews and My Friend’s Growler Shop, and a fireside Mexican fiesta from our pals Los Borrachos Guapos.


The next morning kicks off with enough of that BRASH coffee to help you see into the future, a chef-prepped, piping hot breakfast, and one last taste of those sweet, sweet mountain roads, with stops at the world famous Sunrise Grocery, and Helton Creek Falls. Then we'll take down camp for you and pack all your stuff up while you ride, and drive you home in time for Sunday supper.

The Facts:


Distance - 45 miles on Saturday and 30 more on Sunday morning.


Terrain - Mixed, naturally! From legendary road climbs, to gravel, to dirt roads, to Jeep tracks and forest service roads, @robtherocket will keep us guessing. We think you'd have a blast on a cross bike, but give us a shout if you're thinking something different; we hear it can be done on a road bike...

Food - All of it. We'll start with BBQ at sunset Friday night before we hit the road. When we get to our mountain basecamp, we'll have dessert and beverages waiting. Whether you prefer LaCroix, or Mexican Coke, or a salty gose chased by a hoppy IPA, we have you covered - in ample supply.

The next morning ramps up with breakfast, and only stops long enough to ride bikes! We'll take you to our favorite 100-year old lunch spot, and once we wrap up the riding on day one, Los Borrachos Guapos will be on hand to fire up a fiesta at camp while we get back into those cold drinks.

After breakfast, we'll take you to lunch again on day two before we roll back to camp and head home.

The sag wagon, on both days, will be filled to capacity with anything you could want to eat or drink on the bike. Whether you're more into organic smoothies or oatmeal cream pies, we won't run out.

What to bring - On the day of the trip, just you and your bicycle - that's it! We have the rest COVERED. Let us know about any snack cravings or beverage requests, and we'll get you all set up.

Drop off your gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) and clothing (riding clothes x 2, stuff to wear off the bike at camp and on the drive up there, a jacket for when the evenings cool off) at Loose Nuts Cycles that Wednesday so we can lug it up there and get it set up for you.

As the trip approaches, we'll send you a pack list accounting for the weather forecast.


  • Shuttle to and from Atlanta to Camp

  • Meet for a sunset rooftop dinner Friday November 3rd at 7:00.

  • Breakfast Saturday and Sunday, Lunch Saturday, and Dinner both Friday evening and Saturday are included.

  • Alcohol included.

  • Snacks, drinks and repair items will be provided both days in the SAG car.

  • Ride all day and rock all night on Saturday - 45 miles and too many secret spots.

  • Breakfast and 30 miles on Sunday before lunch, and a return to town by 4:00.

Let us know at checkout of any allergies and dietary restrictions so we can accommodate.
There is no long term, secure parking where we will be shuttling from Atlanta. Please let us know if you need to make parking arrangements, and we’ll happily help!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email at Chris.Smith@toecutters.com

North Georgia Exploratory Comittee

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