It has been fascinating to watch one of our all-time favorite rides - down to the endless dirt roads and quiet ribbons of rolling farmland of the Chattahoochee Hill Country - grow, change, and evolve over the years. When we first headed down there, it was a pure road ride up and down Highway 29. Then, bit by bit, and long before anyone called riding it “grinding,” some gravel got thrown in. At first, only on the way down, and always leave us wanting more. Next, we saw some on the way back. We traded the abandoned swimming pool and the climb up to the church for the waterfalls and trails at Cochran Mill Nature Center, and SO MANY ROADS NAMED RICO.


And still, we want more gravel. So we went back to the lab, and, through exhaustive research, devised a plan to see some more dirt roads. On the way down, we'll take the ever-changing, constantly improving, @mandivided route down to the campsite. We'll have all your gear set up and waiting for you, so you can get right to lunch by the waterfall.


By the time the sun sets, we'll be stuffing our faces with a fireside dinner prepared by Chef Justin Dixon (The Shed) and winding down with ice cold drinks. In the morning, BRASH #coffeeoutside and a piping hot breakfast will get your morning started right. We'll hop back on the bike for a stunning 20 mile loop (about 97% dirt roads, and very little climbing, so you can stay fresh) and we'll get your tent and sleep gear all taken down and loaded up. You just ride your bike, and we'll handle EVERYTHING else.

Here's the Plan:

We’ll start off with freshly brewed BRASH Coffee at Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park on Saturday morning at 9. Once we're sufficiently caffeinated, we’ll ride down along our top secret, ultra-refined, @mandivided-curated route until the headaches of Atlanta evaporate in our wake. We'll show you the best underdeveloped (and under-paved!) portions of Fulton county and roll up to our tents all set up and ready to party.


Come explore the best riding the Silk Sheets region has to offer, with an ideal balance of dirt and pavement, and just the right number of sleepy cows. We'll end up at Cochran Mill Nature Center to check out the falls and hike (or shred!) its trails until a very Toecutters happy hour kicks off with snacks and cold ones. We're bringing a photographer and a videographer to make sure you get some evidence to show off at work all week.

The Facts:

Distance - About 40 miles each way, and another 20 of Dirty Sheets Goodness.

Terrain - Mixed; road and gravel. Dirty Sheets gravel is among the most lovely, forgiving dirt surfaces we know. We've done this ride (back when we were young, and hated derailleurs) brakeless on track bikes with 23mm tires. If you're looking to give gravel riding a shot, or you want to try riding road bikes off road, this terrain is just right.

Food - We’ll have a sag vehicle stocked up with cold drinks, fresh fruit, and every snack under the sun. We lug, and set up, and take down, all of your camping gear. Also included is a hearty, hot, full breakfast at camp, a picnic lunch by the water from our homies at Community Q BBQ, a vast selection of cold beverages all night, Chef Justin's feast of a dinner (guaranteed to taste better by a fire) and, of course, s'mores for your sweet tooth. No Toecutters ride starts without fresh brewed BRASH coffee!

What to bring - A full list comes with your ticket, and we're happy to help you figure out what to bring. The weather looks like it will be absolutely perfect, but don't be shy about packing your favorite hoodie - we’re carrying everything for you!


Roll down with us and spend the night. Home is 30 miles away, but we'll take you so much further.

​Let us know at checkout of any allergies and dietary restrictions so we can accommodate.
There is no long term, secure parking available at the start. Please let us know if you need to make parking arrangements, and we’ll happily help!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email at

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