Review: Gemini Xera Light Set

To get this out of the way, buy that 40 dollar Chinese knock off bike light. I bought one, it was great, it did what I wanted it to do and was brighter than the surface of the sun. But, remember, you always get what you paid for and that is exactly what I found out on my last trip on the Huracan 300. My particular cheap bike light decided to shit the bed in what I can describe as probably the most inopportune time, a section filled with bears, overgrown trails, set ablaze by a controlled burn…. in the middle of the night. We experienced some chilly nights on this year’s Huracan resulting in completely zapping my battery dead. It could not be revived. This is where the Gemini Xera comes in.

On this same trip Sean had bought a Xera to use. At the hotel the night before the start of the race Sean was showing off his new light. I immediately noticed how small it was, wondering if it could pack the punch I needed to light up the night. At 950 lumens, the Gemini XERA LED Bike Light using a single CREE XM-L2 U4 LED emitter it was more than bright, about if not more bright than my knock off, even though it swears it’s 1500 lumens (yeah right). In the room he showed off how well directed the light beam was. It emitted a beam that almost seemed like it had side blinders which gave it a narrow focus about the width of a standard bike trail but spread out nice and evenly the further away you looked. It did have quite the range. I immediately bought one once I returned from the Huracan and was excited to give it a try on the streets of Atlanta.

I commute every day to work by bike and sure, I probably don’t need this kind of light for inner city riding but I am on a kick of annoying people who park in bike lanes so I enjoy the brightness of this light and how easy it can penetrate into the souls of offending car drivers. There are 10 brightness levels at 10% increments with 3 pre set at 20%, 60% and 100%. I usually have mine set at 20% and it is more than enough for street riding. The light allows for you to customize to your liking through some button presses giving you flashing options as well. All this is wrapped in a rather nice looking 55g package.

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